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lil s.e. – psychology tekst piosenki

[verse 1: lil s.e.]
i wished to cut myself with an axe
i felt like no one would care even if i hoped on a track
no one ever cut me any slack
all i heard was boy you gonna be wack
almost no one cared about me
there was one time i wanted to be free from the pain and suffering
i felt like i was going to break down any day of the week
my life was a f-cking disaster
my body was the p-ssenger, my mind was the master
f-ck it, i’m a motherf-cking forecaster
this is a new chapter
the rise will be long till i grow, like treating through december snow
this flow will make me more f-cking dough
this flow will get me all the motherf-cking hoes
i’m just an average joe but i already sound like a pro and y’all the first to know

[verse 2: lil s.e.]
now let’s bring the story to october 2017
more people care about me
i don’t want to be free from the pain and suffering
whatever happens tome happens to me
i won’t break down any day of the week
i’m my own person, i don’t care who disagrees
i’m tougher than a navy seal
revolving like a spinning wheel
this is so surreal how my life’s heal
all of my haters are gonna kneel
i have a mind and brain like steel
and that’s how i feel
y’all about to see what i’m about to be so f-cking beastly
my critics are pleasing for me not to succeed
i will never eat defeat

- lil s e