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d.lar$ – black closet tekst piosenki

it’s not laser tag
b-tch i put it in the bag
no i’m not playing games homie
in the morning when i smoke a sack
closet’s looking all black
back in pontiac county

my show
you dont go
non-invited lame-o
spiderman hands up
rock n roll on blaze it up
your show looking like a godd-mn nursery
that won’t p-ss for me and my pontiacfleet

boomerang, instagram, snapchat camera
snap em off back in the trash when we mosh bruh

snap em off in the back
back in the pontiac
back of the f-cking track
back in the pontiac
back in the f-cking trap
snap em off in the back

[. . .]

- d lar